Alright, maybe "brawl" isn't the best way to describe what happened. 

Just to set the scene of what lead up to this:

Just two guys who got a little heated in the middle of the game. Should the benches have cleared? Probably not and it looks like everyone on the field agreed (except Willson Contreras, dude looked like he wanted a piece of someone. Catcher protecting catcher thing I guess).

Kris Bryant reaching across and tickling former teammate Castro in the tummy is one of the funniest things I've ever seen on a diamond. Does Bryant ever make a bad decision? That's the epitome of a good guy. Not looking for trouble, just a little bit of fun with an old friend.

I've always had a fondness for Starlin. He was a bit of a knucklehead when he was with the Cubs but seemed to be a good guy. It's weird that he's the "elder statesman" for the Marlins now.

P.S. One aspect of this clip that no one is really talking about is towards the end when Rizzo gives Castro a playful shove in the back. It's refreshing seeing a team treat baseball exactly what it is. A game.

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