You can say a lot of things about Tom Brady but Kobe summed it up best with this tweet last night. 

Now Tom Brady and Kobe have something in common other than unimaginable wealth, they both own 5 championship rings. That and they both probably weren't totally faithful to the women who bore their first children but that's probably the part of me that hates Boston talking.

I don't like Tom Brady or Bill Belichick or the Patriots or anything really from Boston besides Cheers. It's the city's continued success over the past decade and a half paired with a fan base that is very convinced that the reason their teams have done well is because of their support that annoyed me recently. That and a level of civic pride that borders on manic.

That being said. It was pretty sweet to see Roger Goodell (a.k.a. The Ginger Hammer) have to hand the Lombardi trophy over to Tom Brady and the Patriots. Did Tom Brady deflate his footballs. Probably. But over half the QBs in the NFL have admitted to doing so. The "Deflategate" saga became personal to Roger and he overstepped his bounds as a commissioner.

So Tom Brady better accept this begrudging respect I currently have for him because I guarantee you it won't last long.

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