You may remember back in October of 2015 the state stopped sending vehicle sticker renewal reminders because we couldn't afford the postage. Well there's a new plan in the works. 

Simply not mailing out reminders wasn't the best for the residents. In the 10 months that they didn't send out reminders late fees skyrocketed around the state.

State lawmakers eventually found enough money (possibly all the late fees) to continue buying postage for the reminders. The office has tried to push email notifications but only 2.5 million of the almost 10 million Illinois drivers have signed up.

Well to the surprise of no one the state is again running out of money and the renewal letters have been put back onto the chopping block. There is however another solution on the table to rectify the situation. Ad money.

Currently there is legislation to be passed that would allow the state to sell ad space on the renewal letters, thereby lightening the cost of postage. The ads couldn't be for any businesses regulated by the state or for alcohol or pharmaceuticals.

I think this is a great idea. The state was making WAY too much money off of late fees because they were initially irresponsible with their money BUT I also definitely see this becoming another scandal in the future of this great state.

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