While it's still cold and it's still snowing, officially what's called the "meteorological winter season" has come to an end. That time period lasts from December 1 through February 28. So (in our best Johnny Carson shout-and-response) just how cold was it?

Jupiterimages, ThinkStock
Jupiterimages, ThinkStock

The National Weather Service has put together an entire list encapsulating "The Historic Winter of 2013-14." Among the findings:

  • This was the 3rd coldest winter on record in Rockford (average temp: 14.6)
  • This was the 9th snowiest winter on record in Rockford (46.5 inches)

And among the new daily records established during the winter months:

  • 0.56 of an inch of rainfall on December 22
  • 5 inches of snow on December 22
  • Lowest minimum temperature of -18 on January 4
  • Lowest minimum temperature of -21 on February 11 (tied for 27th coldest temperature ever recorded in Rockford since 1906)
That's how cold (and snowy) this winter season was.


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