This was Jordan's first big moment on the NBA stage. 

Whenever you can refer to a play in sports by one name you know it's special. The Shot definitely fills that criteria.

The Bulls had lost all 6 regular season games to the Cavs and were the 6 seed in the first round of the Eastern Conference Playoffs. Jordan had shined at North Carolina and for the USA in the Olympics but he hadn't had his NBA "Moment" yet. That all changed with "The Shot."

What followed was an epic jumping fist pump that would become an iconic image for the NBA.

Note: According to Wikipedia, that shot of Jordan fist pumping that we all remember was never actually in the original broadcast of the game. The fist pump was caught by a sideline camera that was shared the day after the game. 

If you have ten minutes I HIGHLY recommend the following video. These guys do a great job of making little sports documentaries.

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