It's been a busy couple of weeks for our friend Fred. 

He goes by DOM. He's the unofficial Director of Morale for the Chicago Cubs. It's a job that he takes seriously. It was a fun, carefree position when the Cubs were flying high, but the fortune of the Northsiders has taken a noticeable downturn the past year. DOM still puts his hardhat on every day to defend, support, and raise the morale of Cubs nation every day on social media.

Now other fan bases in Chicago have taken notice and DOM finds himself keeping the spirits of Bulls and Bears fans alike up through some difficult times. The Bulls are a young, very talented team with a bright future, but there are going to be some hiccups along the way. DOM is there for that. Bear fans have suddenly decided that Deshawn Watson could possibly be a Chicago Bear, a sentiment that DOM has been preaching for months now.

He's not a moral compass. He's a morale compass. Pointing fandoms in the right direction when they might be distracted by negative noise.

There was no shortage of topics to talk about today. We breakdown the recent Joc Pederson signing by the Cubs. Fred's a fan but reminds everyone that no one will ever replace what Kyle Schwarber meant to this team and city. We discuss the possibility of fan-favorite Jake Arrieta rejoining the Cubs and which of the core players the team will lock up this offseason.

We had a little time left to discuss his recruiting of Deshawn Watson to Chicago. If DOM can't get him here, the brass in Halas Hall doesn't stand a chance.

So much more to get to, that'll have to wait until his next visit.

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