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Minnesota was a very busy place over the weekend!  If you were at the Billy Joel and Stevie Nicks concert, YOU are in the latest video that U.S. Bank just released.

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Seattle Seahawks v Minnesota Vikings
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U.S. Bank Stadium Creates Amazing Video Showing Transformation from Concert to Vikings Game

I think everyone I knew and their moms were at the Billy Joel and Stevie Nicks concert at U.S. Bank Stadium Friday night in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  I know, because I saw all of the photos posted on Facebook...and there were A TON!!  As soon as the selfies stopped and Billy Joel left the stage, the stadium started a huge transformation and in about 24 hours, it was full again for a Vikings game.

New Orleans Saints v Minnesota Vikings
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If you were at the Billy Joel/Stevie Nicks concert, you probably didn't know it but U.S. Bank Stadium hit that record button while you were there and you are part of a really amazing timelapse video.

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED: Stadium-sized concert conversion to NFL game day in just over 24 hours.
This weekend, we welcomed over 113,000 fans through our doors for an incredible concert on Friday night and a big Minnesota Vikings win on Sunday! Thank you to our team members who made this seemingly impossible event conversion and mega weekend a huge success and one for our record books. - U.S. Bank Stadium Facebook Page


Jessica Williams/Canva
Jessica Williams/Canva

Amazing Video of 70K People Filling Minnesota Stadium For Taylor Swift Concert

I know it's been a bit since Taylor Swift showed up for her performance at U.S. Bank Stadium but if you were there, you may have shown up on another video that was made.  If you missed it, go relive that moment here.

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