Family of Ducks Successfully Crosses Busy Highway [VIDEO]
Video of a family of ducks crossing a busy Minnesota highway has gone viral over the past few days. But experts say the drivers trying to save the animals actually were doing the wrong thing.
First, here's a portion of the video, captured by state DOT cameras along I-35W in Minnesota:
How Minnesotans Handle the Cold
Here in the stateline area, we're quite familiar with cold temperatures. I mean really cold temperatures, with lots of windchill built into it.
But what do we do about it? Well, complain mostly.
Not in the Land of 10,000 Lakes. They soak stuff with a hose and see what happens...
Minnesota Governor Wants Law To Ban 11 a.m. Kickoffs
There are many pressing issues for our politicians these days -- the economy, jobs, budget deficits, taxes, and spending just to name a few. But for Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton one topic near and dear to his heart is near the top of his agenda: kickoff times for college football games...

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