The obsession I have with Olive Garden breadsticks runs deep. What can I say? Olive Garden is my guilty pleasure whenever I want to truly feast.

There's a reason that people went nuts when they discovered you could actually buy the cheese graters they use on top of your salad and pasta! Everything just tastes better at Olive Garden. Ha!

Unfortunately, the business is now making a major change in all Minnesota and Wisconsin locations that is causing a little bit of a frenzy, but not in a good way.

Don't take it personally, though. Unfortunately, these changes are happening at every Olive Garden location across the nation. It's just another sign of the times right now.

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Darden Restaurant Chain Reports Fourth Quarter Earnings
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Prepare For A Price Hike

The head honchos at the company recently announced a price hike for the business, meaning prices will indeed be going up in the near future.

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This has become the norm in most industries, from retailers to other chains. Many have initiated higher prices to combat inflation or to make more money amid hard times.

Changes Coming Soon

So when can we expect these changes? Sooner than you'd think. Prices will rise by about two to three percent over the next year.

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The first set of price hikes was reported to have happened last month, with more in the future. Company officials also said they will not be offering any discounts or gimmicks to get customers through the door.

I will fork out a little bit more for breadsticks and all you can eat pasta, as long as the price hikes aren't too noticeable for now. We will have to see when the Duluth location implements these changes.

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