Iowans apparently really love our Powerball.

I can't really blame Iowa for loving the lottery lately, especially Powerball. Besides the thousands won from scratch-off games, just recently a $2 million winning Powerball ticket was sold in Clinton and a still unclaimed $2 million winning Powerball ticket was sold at Casey's in Tiffin, Iowa. Earlier this fall in Iowa City, a woman won about $50,000 from Powerball. There's absolutely money to be won in Powerball and Iowa is claiming a piece of the pie.


Research obtained by the Des Moines Register shows that Iowans are in fact devotees of playing Powerball. The stats looked at each state's Google searches to see who's looking up Powerball-related terms the most. Per 100,000 people, Iowa has some of the most Powerball searches.

According to what we're searching, Iowa ranks 9th in Powerball obsession.

We're mostly Googling 'powerball numbers' and 'powerball results' at a rate that's over 41% of the national average.

We're in the top 20 for the searches of 'Powerball', 'Powerball jackpot', 'Powerball winning numbers'.

Why Are We So Obsessed With It?

Mary Neubauer with Iowa Lottery told the outlet:

I think that much of the focus on Powerball in our state comes from the fact that Iowa was one of the founding members in the game. And, Iowa Lottery CEO Ed Stanek, who retired in 2007, was a co-inventor of the game. So, Iowa has been part of Powerball since its debut in April 1992.

So maybe the foundation of Powerball being part of Iowa has something to do with us all buying tickets? Maybe it's the streak of luck we've had recently?

You can keep up with Powerball's jackpot, the most recent winning numbers, and the latest from the game on their website.

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