The search for Sasquatch is on, and the IBRO is hosting an inaugural conference in the Hoosier State.

The Indiana Bigfoot Research Organization

Did you know that Indiana was home to its own Bigfoot research organization?  Well, now ya do! The Indiana Bigfoot Research Organization (or IBRO for short) is dedicated to teaching people the art of searching for Bigfoot and wants to teach people the proper way to research this elusive cryptid.

Some call them the wild man of the woods, yet others call them the boss of the woods. Whatever the legend may lend to, there is one thing in common, there is something out there.

Since recent tv shows about bigfoot, there are more people interested in the Bigfoot phenomenon, and wanting to do research. Researchers of the IBRO are always glad to take someone new and show them how we research.

At Indiana Bigfoot Research Organization, we have various ways to do research, and we are proud of our record in helping people to learn the proper way of doing research.



Indiana's Inaugural Bigfoot Conference

The IBRO has been busy planning and in September they will be hosting the first-ever Indiana Bigfoot Conference. The Indiana Bigfoot Conference will be held in Nashville, Indiana which is said to be notorious for Bigfoot sightings, who knew?

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The event will have guest speakers, vendors, and other activities for Bigfoot enthusiasts.

Get ready to mark your calendars and join us for an unforgettable experience at Indiana's highly anticipated Bigfoot Conference taking place from September 27th to September 28th, 2024. Nestled in the captivating realm of Nashville, Indiana, renowned for its legendary Bigfoot sightings, this exceptional event is an absolute must-attend for all enthusiasts and curious minds alike.


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