Ohio was just ranked as one of the most unhealthy states in the United States.  Here's why.

Last week Forbes.com published an article titled, 'States With The Least Healthy (And Healthiest) Populations, Ranked.'  In this article using multiple key factors they determined that the most unhealthy populations predominantly live in Southern states with 2 Midwest exceptions.  Here are the factors Forbes used to compile this list,

Forbes Advisor compared all 50 states across 21 metrics spanning three categories: disease risk factors and prevalence, substance abuse, lifestyle habits and health outlook.

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Ohio's population was ranked the 9th most unhealthy in the United States.  Heart Disease, diabetes, and substance abuse were major contributors to the unhealthy Ohio score according to Forbes.

  • 196.80 Ohioans die from heart disease per 100,000 state residents.
  • 10.9% of adults have diabetes.
  • Ohio is also ranked as the 9th worst state when it comes to substance abuse.

10 States With The Least Healthy Populations

  • #1 West Virginia
  • #2 Mississippi
  • #3 Tennessee
  • #4 Arkansas
  • #5 Kentucky
  • #6 Alabama
  • #7 Louisiana
  • #8 Oklahoma
  • #9 Ohio
  • #10 Indiana

A couple of Midwest states just barely missed the naughty list:  Missouri and Michigan.

Michigan was ranked #14 in most unhealthy populations according to Forbes.

  • 202.80 Michiganians die from heart disease per 100,000 state residents.
  • 9.3% of adults have diabetes.

Missouri was ranked #13 in most unhealthy populations in the United States.  Much like Michigan, heart disease and diabetes were major factors. So, what states are mocking us with their health?

5 States With The Most Healthy Populations

  • #1 Hawaii
  • #2 Utah
  • #3 Connecticut
  • #4 Minnesota
  • #5 Massachusetts

You can see where all 50 states land on this list and read about the methodology used to create the list by clicking here.

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