It was not a good day to have your vehicle parked outside in Missouri recently when a vicious hailstorm crossed the state leaving incredible damage in its path. A new video share shows how the storm managed to clobber virtually every car in a St. Peters, Missouri parking lot.

This is either a Missouri insurance adjuster's dream or worst nightmare depending on how you look at it. On March 14, 2024, a hailstorm with some the size of softballs pounded the state. This video was captured that afternoon in St. Peters, Missouri. Here's what the video sharer said about what you'll see:

"Missouri hailstorm aftermath at my job. This is only the back parking lot. The front parking lot has about 300 more cars."

NOTE: You might want to watch this video without sound if you have sensitive ears and/or kids around. Some saucy language as you might imagine as vehicle owners are learning many no longer have working windows.

The National Weather Service in St. Louis, Missouri confirmed the March 14, 2024 hailstorm did include up to 3 inch wide objects. In other words, ice softballs falling from the sky.

This was the same storm that damaged hundreds of vehicles along I-55 in Illinois.

I haven't seen any firm estimates on how much damage was done in Missouri by that storm, but it has to be in the millions as nearly every city in its path had this kind of hail damage. As this is a developing story, I will update it once the National Weather Service completes its investigations into further damage.

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