Hideouts for the paranormal seem to be what Illinois does best. However, this cemetery may be SO active with ghosts that it haunts an entire road in Barrington.

I've said this before, I am NOT a haunted places person. And for a cemetery to haunt an entire road, you can count me out!

The History of Cuba Road & White Memorial Cemetery in Barrington, Illinois

The road itself passes through a very secluded cemetery called White Memorial Cemetery. The graveyard is believed to have been around since the 1820s. However, the plot obtained its name from a man named Thomas White, who came into Cuba Township around 1844. In 1855, he began the 'White Cemetery Association.'

Prior to that, there is no record of how the area was used, though historians suspect it may have been used by military travelers. The cemetery is currently a resting place for many veterans, one of them being a naval captain in the War of 1812.

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White Cemetery - Barrington, Illinois
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The Haunting of Cuba Road & White Memorial Cemetery in Barrington, Illinois

Buckle up, because here's where the frightening begins. This place seems to have quite a wide range of activity.

The most frequent reports from people are flying orbs, flashing lights, and very apparent blurry figures of what look like actual people. Some have claimed to see a phantom black cat. The last is hearing and seeing cars that aren't there.

A common creepy experience that many people in the area have reported involves the mysterious 'magic house.' Visitors have claimed to see a literal "phantom house" that a woman "occupies." She has been seen multiple times walking up and down the road and going into the house. No one knows what this might be. Did someone die in a housefire in the area? That is what people in the area believe after seeing her and the house so consistently.

White Memorial Cemetery - Cuba Road in Barrington, IL
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Cuba Road also has some strong connections with gangster history too. Apparently, many gangsters in the Chicago area would hit up spots around Barrington and Lake Zurich for downtime. According to historians, locals would express deep concern for these men being in their town. This may lead to the next common experience people get when drive along the road...

A few accounts have happened when people driving on the road look into their rearview mirror and see a man (who appears dressed in some type of Mafioso get-up) sitting in the backsear chomping on a cigar.

No one knows who he is, or why he shows up and vanishes, but many see the same vision while driving. You can count me out on that one!!!

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The stories of this spot are enough for me to avoid ever visiting the area. I might be a believer in this place being haunted.

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