When it comes to haunted attractions, Illinois has its fair share of spots to check out. But these woods in Chicago may just be the creepiest place in the entire state.

I'll be the first to confess that you will never see me at an allegedly haunted place. I'm not about that energy and I will definitely be keeping a safe distance from this spot.

The History of Robinson Woods in Chicago

Before Robinson Woods became a forest preserve, the area belonged to the family of Alexander Robinson (hence where the place got its name.)

Born in Michigan, Alexander grew to become a chief of several Native American tribes and ended up trading fur near what would become the city of Chicago. He also is responsible for evacuating survivors during the Fort Dearborn Massacre of 1812. He was quite the peacekeeper too! In 1826, Robinson was gifted this acreage for all he'd done.

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Robinson lived on the preserve until he died, leaving the land to his family. Sadly, a fire destroyed the original home in May 1955. A stone was placed there to honor both Alexander and his family and Native American lives.

The Haunting of Robinson Woods in Chicago

Despite the terrible fire that ended the Robinson family's ability to live on the land, a tragic murder of 3 young boys (Anton Schuelesser, 11; John Schuelesser, 13; Robert Peterson, 14) soon after in October 1955 would impact the area too.

The bodies of the young boys were found in the ditch of a parking lot outside in Robinson Woods. After those series of tragedies, strange paranormal activity has been reported in the area.

Several researchers who've gone to the woods have reported lights in the woods after hours, strange smells, and audio capture of what sounds like a beating of an Indian Tom-Tom. For some reason, many others have also heard what sounds to be an axe cutting a tree.

All of that info is enough to creep me out! But check out the eerie pictures of the forest!

Most Haunted Forest in Illinois - Robinson Woods

Robinson Woods in Chicago is allegedly one of the most haunted forests in Illinois. Check out these eerie pictures of the area!

Gallery Credit: Olivia Williams

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