Most towns in Missouri have at least one reason to brag. But, for one tiny place in the Show Me State, it has multiple reasons to be proud. Not only can they claim they have the highest average temperature in Missouri, but they also have what many believe is the funniest town name.

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As we currently are dealing with occasionally sub-zero temperatures, I got curious about heat. Specifically, I wanted to know what place in Missouri has the warmest average temperature in the state. For that data, I turned to which crunched all the numbers and spit out a definitive list.

#1 is a Missouri town that averages nearly 60 degrees Fahrenheit when you compute all the temperatures over a 365-day period. It also comes up in the top 5 of Missouri towns with the funniest names quite often.

Stand up and take a bow, Cooter, Missouri. Average daily temperature of a whopping 59.5 degrees Fahrenheit is quite an accomplishment. The fact that many chuckle at your name is a bonus.

Cooter, Missouri is a tiny community of only 343 so don't blink or you'll miss it if you drive through.

Cooter, Missouri
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The fact that it's so far south in Missouri that it's almost Arkansas probably has a lot to do with it having the highest average daily temperature in the state. They did get hit by the most recent snow storm that went through southern Missouri I think, so they probably won't find this highest average temp thing funny.

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