Illinois has a lot going for it in my opinion. We have gorgeous colleges, delicious food and so many opportunities -- but could that be enough to keep us low on this 'Dumbest States in America' list?

I'll admit, that Illinoisans make some questionable choices. For starters, the decisions that we make while driving may concern people from out of state. And, as an Iowan, we do put ketchup on hotdogs... I know, sue me!

Joking aside, you may be shocked to find out that, compared to other states, Illinois is sitting pretty well on the "intelligence/anti-dumbness" scale. In fact, I'm going to go so far as to say I'm very proud of us!

Dumbest States in America - Ranked

While Illinois may not be concerned, some other states look like they've got some work cut out for them in terms of education. Roadsnacks recently did a survey ranking 'The Dumbest States in the U.S.'

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You're probably wondering how they were able to make that ranking, and I was too when I saw the survey. They compared the state's population to their resident's average educational level. So measuring how many people dropped out of high school and did/didn't seek a higher education.

The top 3 Dumbest States on the List ended up being...

  1. Nevada - Population 3,104,817 with 13% dropping out of high school and 26% seeking higher education
  2. Mississippi - Population 2,958,846 with 12% with 12% dropping out of high school and 25% seeking higher education
  3. Arkansas - Population 3,018,669 with with 12% dropping out of high school and 25% seeking higher education
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Where Does Illinois Land on the 'Dumbest States' List?

Turns out, Illinois has a bright bunch of people living here. So yay for us haha!

Illinois Ranks Low on Dumbest States List

Illinois lands at #30 on the Dumbest States List

With a population of about 12,757,634, 11% dropped out and 36% sought higher education. Not too bad if I had to say! Now, if this intelligence could manifest in our driving habits, I'd be a happy camper haha!

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