This is great news, and a bit surprising as well. Wisconsin was just named one of the best states to live in for mental health. Fortune shared a list of the ten best and worst states for mental health on Monday (April 8th).

It isn't so much that Wisconsin isn't deserving of making this list but I definitely didn't think it would make the top ten. It did this time around!

Where Did Wisconsin Place?

Wisconsin cracked the top ten, coming in at number seven.

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Young Woman Having Counselling Session With Head In Hands.

What Makes Wisconsin Great For Mental Health?

The study didn't go into the ins and outs of every state, but some of the factors they looked at include how often people take sick days due to their mental health, mental illness, how many people experience depressive episodes and more.

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They also looked at how many people have untreated mental illness, how many psychologists there are, how many mental health facilities their are and how many people can't afford a doctor that need one.

What About Minnesota?

While Minnesota is closer to the 'best states' part of this study than the side of the worst, it didn't make a big impact here.

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As for the best states for mental health? That would be Montana! Nevada was named the worst in this case. Yikes!

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