My love for the 'Bachelor' franchise might be reignited after hearing this! In case you didn't know, there is a new show called The Golden Bachelor coming out in September. The show is a spinoff of The Bachelor but features cast members between the ages of 60 to 75.

The lead of the first season of The Golden Bachelor is a seventy-two year old man named Gerry Turner. He is a retired restauranteur who lives in Indiana. He lost his wife and high school sweetheart back in 2017 and is now ready for a second chance at love. He is also a big family guy with two daughters and two granddaughters.

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Overall, he seems like a great pick to lead the major spinoff, which happens to be the first of its kind! ABC released the names of the contestants this season and there are 22 successful women that will be competing for the ultimate love. One of them is from Minnesota, so naturally I know who I am rooting for. There's also one from Wisconsin! (Spoiler alert: the lead was spotted filming in Minnesota, just saying.)

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Who is the contestant from Minnesota?

Our Minnesota contestant is from Minneapolis and is a 64-year-old fitness instructor and personal trainer. Her bio says she has run ten marathons and is also a former professional figure skater. She also has three kids, three grandkids and a cute pup. She is also a former aerobics champion. Who knew that was even a thing?!

She seems to love fitness and makes being healthy a priority. That's pretty cool. Should she make it to the hometown portion of the show, we may be seeing Minneapolis on the silver screen later this year. She's gorgeous, too!

Ricky Middlesworth / ABC
Ricky Middlesworth / ABC

Who is the contestant from Wisconsin?

As if having a Minnesotan wasn't cool enough, there is also a contestant from Wisconsin. The 67-year-old is from Middeton, Wisconsin and is a former NFL cheerleader for the Chicago Bears. We don't know too much about her just yet but she has written two books, has a cat and is a mother and a grandmother.

Ricky Middlesworth / ABC
Ricky Middlesworth / ABC

When and where can I watch The Golden Bachelor?

The show premieres on ABC on Thursday, September 28th. Like I said, I know who I am rooting for! I am a sucker for love after all.

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By the way, this show loves Minnesotans. There have been a few leads from Minnesota. If our Minnesotan doesn't win, here's to hoping she becomes the next lead.

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