Former U.S. Senator and current president and CEO of the Heritage Foundation, Jim DeMint, joined the show this morning to discuss his new book, "Falling In Love With America Again".

Center Street
Center Street

As part of his role at Heritage, DeMint told us he's been traveling and talking to Americans all across the country about how to return to our founding principles and restore and protect our economy and culture for future generations. In the book, he tells the stories of people around the U.S. who are making a big difference at the local level, getting involved with their churches, schools, and volunteer organizations:

[This book is about] reminding America what made us great in the first place, what made us prosperous. It was because we were built from the ground up, unlike any other country. All other countries are top-down. Their economies and a lot of their societies are managed by central forces. America has always been different.

Here's a link to the full interview, where we also talked about the Keystone XL pipeline, how immigrants view the U.S., and what he missed about being a Senator:

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