NOTE: This post is being written by a Bear fan that is drunk on optimism now that they have a quarterback that seems to actually know how to play football. I will NOT be held responsible for any wild predictions that come crashing to the ground.

The Packers had their annual fan shareholder meeting a Lambeau this morning. There are a lot of fan bases that give these shareholders a hard time for cosplaying as an NFL owner when in reality they're just donating some more money to the organization. It's easy, low-hanging fruit that I'm actually jealous of. I don't think any of them really think they have any control over the team, but they sure know how to have a good time. I mean what other NFL franchise gives their fans an excuse to tailgate at 9AM on a random Monday in July?

It seems like a lot of fun. And why wouldn't it be fun to be a Packer fan. You've been blessed with 3 decades of Hall of Fame quarterbacking and countless playoff experiences. Did many of these runs end up in a Super Bowl? No, but as they say, life is about the journey and they've been on a magical trip.

All that looked to be coming to a close when Aaron Rodgers seemed to be leaning towards not returning to the Packers. He is obviously nonplussed with the Green Bay ownership. Just listen to this interview from last summer.

That's a man that sounds like he just wants to move on.

Betting sites were taking pretty decent action this weekend that Rodgers would retire sometime this week.

And his jersey had been placed on the discount rack at the Packer Pro Shop.

It looked like it was almost a done deal, Aaron Rodgers would be finally out of the NFC North and the Packers would begin their 30 year karmic trek toward mediocrity.

Then this happened.

Ian Rapoport has a good track record of not tweeting things out just for clout unlike some other NFL reporters (*cough* Adam Schefter *cough*) so this seems like the first real sign that we've seen on Rodger's future that holds any water.

It did take at least one of his teammates by surprise. One of his offensive linemen.

It's tough to tell if this is just Bakhtiari just having fun with Rodgers and the media or he's actually serious. They way things have been going for the Packers the past offseason I'd believe either one.

There was no official news broken at the shareholders meeting this morning. The Packers are supposed to report to camp tomorrow, that is probably when we will get the official news.

If I were Aaron Rodgers and I knew this guy was about to take over the division and the league I might want to get out of town myself.

Gather ye wins while you can, their numbers will be sparse in the near future.

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