It's been a while (25 years) since I've trick-or-treated so I'm looking for some input on this one. 

In the Rockford subreddit of Reddit user WithTheWintersMight asks:


I'm taking my girlfriends kids out for Halloween and we wanna find a good neighborhood for trick or treating. Somewhere they can get a good haul but maybe not super busy. Any ideas?

The top response was from user RenoodleWNDRxxx


North Highland Neighborhood {aka Welty, Paris, London...} It gets pretty busy...but people go all out and the kids get a lot of candy. Some people provide drinks/food for adults.

Food and drinks for adults? Is this a thing that actually happens? Next question. Do I need a kid to show up? Probably. Don't want to get arrested.

The adult trick-or-treating is a great idea though. In college, we used to do that in our townhomes. Each townhouse would give you a beer or some kind of crazy shot. It, like most things in college, was awesome and not something you should do past the age of 23.

So is the North Highland neighborhood the best in town for trick-or-treating? Or do you have your own secret place?