If you're not from the Rockford area, hearing the name of this road might evoke some fear. However if you live here, it's not a big deal.

Reports say a trip down supposedly haunted Bloods Point Road in Boone County is terrifying.

According to a post on Only In Your State, titled Driving Down This Haunted Road will Give You Nightmares, "The legend of Beulah is that she hanged her children, and then herself, from the Bloods Point Bridge. She walks around in a decomposing, disgusting state."

Like most haunted experiences, these type of things only seem to happen to people who don't have any way of getting a photo or video.

I've traversed Blood Points Road a few times in my life without incident so I don't see it. What I normally see when driving down this "haunted" road is what was captured on this timelapse video.

That said, I can be convinced regarding the paranormal happenings on Bloods Point. Have you ever experienced anything while driving down this haunted road? Tell us!

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