The short answer is no, but he's climbing the ranks. 

Fred VanVleet has had quite the meteoric rise over the past 5 years. He went from being undrafted to being a key member of a championship team and signing an $85M contract.

He's good but he might not be the best Fred to ever play professional sports.

Here is Fred's resume:

  • NBA Champion
  • NBA D-League Champion
  • 3rd Team NCAA All-American
  • 2 time MVC Player of the Year
  • 3 time All-MVC

Let's take a look at the contenders:

Fred Dryer:

Getty Images
Getty Images

Dryer's stats:

  • 1 Pro Bowl
  • 1 First-team All-Pro
  • 1 Second-team All-Pro
  • NFL All-Rookie Team
  • 2 time NCAA Division II Champion
  • Starred as Hunter in Hunter

Better than VanVleet? No. Hunter was a pretty good show though.

Fred Williamson:

Getty Images
Getty Images

Williamson's stats:

  • 3 time AFL All-Star
  • AFL Champion
  • Nicknamed "The Hammer"
  • Star of many 1970 blaxploitation films and was in From Dusk Till Dawn

Better than VanVleet? No. He was in some great movies though.

Fred Biletnikoff

NFL via Getty Images
NFL via Getty Images

Biletnikoff's stats:

  • Super Bowl Champ
  • Super Bowl MVP
  • 4 time Pro Bowl
  • First team All-Pro
  • NFL receptions leader (1971)
  • Consensus NCAA All-American

Better than VanVleet? Yes. They named the award for the best receiver in the NCAA after him. There's no VanVleet award. Yet.

Fred McGriff:

Getty Images
Getty Images

McGriff's stats:

  • 5 time All-Star
  • World Series Champion
  • 3 time Silver Slugger
  • 2 time HR leader
  • Had an awesome nickname "The Crimedog"

Better than VanVleet? Yes. For now. McGriff had sustained success. Also it's nuts that he got his nickname from a PSA.

Fred Lynn:

Getty Images
Getty Images

Lynn's stats:

  • 9 time All-Star
  • AL MVP
  • AL Rookie of the Year
  • 4 time Gold Glove winner
  • AL batting champ
  • Red Sox Hall of Fame

Better than VanVleet? Yes. But VanVleet has a chance to be about Fred Lynn's equal.

Fred Perry:

Getty Images
Getty Images

Perry's stats:

  • Australian Open champion singles and doubles (1 each)
  • French Open champion singles, doubles, and mixed doubles (1 each)
  • Wimbledon champion 3 times singles and 2 times mixed doubles
  • US Open champion 3 times singles and 1 time mixed doubles
  • 4 time Davis Cup champion
  • One of the best and most decorated tennis player of all time.

Better than VanVleet? Yes. Perry was a legend.

Freddy Garcia:

Getty Images
Getty Images

Garcia's stats:

  • 2 time All-Star
  • World Series champion
  • AL ERA leader
  • Awesome nickname "Sweaty Freddy"

Better than VanVleet? No. It's close right now and VanVleet still has half a career to go.

Fred Couples:

Getty Images
Getty Images

Couples' stats:

  • 15 time PGA Tour winner
  • 3 time European Tour winner
  • Masters champion
  • 2 time player of the year
  • 1992 leading money winner
  • Awesome nickname Freddy "Boom Boom" Couples

Better than VanVleet? Yes but this is another one that VanVleet could catch.

I probably missed a few in here (feel free to comment below) but it looks like Rockford's Fred ranks pretty high. He already has a pretty good nickname, Mr. Bet On Yourself. That's how cool Fred is, he gave himself a nickname, which is very hard to do.

We'll all be keeping an eye on Fred to see how high he can climb on the all-time Fred list.


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