Nobody wants the town they call home to be named the "worst" of anything in America, but sadly it's bound to happen somewhere!

How do we categorize a city to be the worst out of all the cities in the surrounding area? Is the rating based on population? Crime? Poverty? Corruption? I want to know how these lists are made!


I always say consider the BEST opportunities for yourself when planning to move.  Find somewhere that offers endless jobs, an environment that'll make you feel secure, and a home or apartment that doesn't make you question your decision!

According to travel.alot, they found every city in America that are the worst to call "home" based on multiple categories.  So I guess don't try to move to any of these cities if you were planning on it!


Ranging all over the country, here's a few that made the unfortunate list:

Muscoy, California - Poverty Rate: 38.1%

Robstown, Texas - Unemployment Rate: 20%

Springfield, MissouriCrime Rate is three times higher than Missouri itself

Beecher, Michigan1 in 5 households making ONLY $10,000/year

Helena-West Helena, ArkansasPoverty Rate: 41.7%

If you live in these cities, only YOU know the truth!  Don't let this list get you down.


Now you're wondering what city made the list for Illinois.  With a poverty rate of 37.8% and unemployment rate of 17.4%, coming in as the WORST town to call home in Illinois is...


East St. Louis is deemed a "dangerous territory" according to the website.

There were 1,190 crimes reported annually for every 100,000 citizens compared to the state average of only 404.   Most of this crime is prevalent in the low-income areas of the city.

So what do you think - Is East St. Louis really the worst city to call home in Illinois?

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