My family still lives in the Chicago area, so I'm a frequent traveler on both the I-90 and I-88 toll roads. That also means I have an I-PASS that gets a workout. If you have one too, the Illinois Tollway is warning of a scam.

Officials say erroneous emails are being sent from “E-ZPass Collection Agency” to I-PASS owners across the state. It's a phishing scam that uses the E-ZPass logo and claims that recipients owe money for missed tolls.

E-ZPass Group is an association of 25 toll agencies in 15 states that also operates electronic toll collection programs.

The Illinois Tollway says:

No I-PASS accounts have been compromised as a result of this scam. The Illinois Tollway advises I-PASS customers to delete any email titled "In arrears for driving on toll road" or "Payment for driving on toll road" that arrives on E-ZPass letterhead.


Tollways officials say they're monitoring the situation closely and will keep customers informed of any further developments.Anyone with further questions can call 1-800-UC-IPASS (I-800-824-7277).