Thousands of dollars are being made by the Illinois Tollway from drivers that don't have I-PASS accounts.

I think it's pretty obvious that our state is broke and trying to get as much money as possible from its citizens through taxes and fees. A big moneymaker is the tollway system.

Even if you spend a limited amount of time on the highway, getting an I-PASS in Illinois will save you money. First of all, without it costs you twice as much to drive through a toll. Now, several plazas offer an exact change only alternative.

According to,

"Keeping the change from cash-paying customers is adding up for the Illinois tollway. The agency pocketed about $152,000 extra in 2019 from people without I-PASS accounts feeding coins or bills into automated machines. The tollway's Automated Toll Payment Machines do provide change on 30 mainline toll plazas but not on 80 ramp locations."

"There are options when it comes to paying besides I-PASS and cash, so you don't end up wasting money. They include credit, online and, as of recently, Google, Android, and Apple Pay. Even at the cash machines, a ticket can be obtained to pay online. No customer is required to overpay to use our system."

Illinois is already making enough money from us. Get yourself an I-PASS so they don't get anymore.

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