Dave Dahl -- Illinois Radio Network

The theme of reducing the strength and influence of public employee unions in Illinois is losing steam.

The Illinois Senate Wednesday overrode Gov. Bruce Rauner's veto of a bill which would allow the state and unions to send matters to arbitration if they cannot agree. It also bans strikes and walkouts in those labor disputes.

“It's one of the worst bills I ever heard about in Illinois history,” Rauner said Tuesday in urging senators to uphold his veto.

After the override, the governor's office issued a statement accusing the senators who voted for it of placing special interests above Illinoisans. One of those senators is a Republican, State Sen. Sam McCann (R-Plainview), whose Springfield-area district includes many state workers.

After the vote, McCann said he was simply voting in line with a “vast majority” of the constituents who contacted his office.

Asked by reporters if he and Rauner could still co-exist, McCann said everyone has to be an American and an Illinoisan before being partisan. And asked about retribution from Rauner for not toeing the line, McCann nodded, said, “Have a good day,” and walked away.

The Senate voted to override the governor's veto on SB 1229, 38-15.

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