The Illinois House on Wednesday voted overwhelmingly in favor of a bill allowing college athletes to profit from their names and likenesses.

The final tally was 86-25 in favor of the bill, which would allow collegiate athletes to earn money in endorsement deals from the usage of their names, images, and likenesses.

The move comes a day after the NCAA said it was considering loosening longstanding and increasingly controversial rules that prevent student-athletes from making money. Earlier this month, California’s governor signed into law a measure on which Illinois’ is based.

Critics of the NCAA says their move this week is an empty gesture, and that laws at the state or federal level are necessary to prevent them from nodding toward change while hamstringing students.


The bill now heads to the Senate. If it moves forward, Illinois would be the second state, along with California, to endorse and support these changes. The new bill would take effect in 2023 if it goes through. Illinois governor JB Pritzker said earlier this week that the legislation has his full support.

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