It's the middle of March. College basketball is about to take over television sets all over the country for the next two weekends. And most importantly, people will be checking their bracket after every buzzer to see where they stand.

You've probably already filled out at least one bracket and probably donated a few dollars to do so.

Here's your chance to fill out one more, free of charge, and get the chance to win car washes for a year, courtesy of Super Suds in Rockford, and even win some real money if you pick well enough.

First place in our Bracket Challenge will receive a year's worth of Grime Fighter car washes at Super Suds. If you're good enough to pick 60 games correctly, you'll win $10,000. A perfect bracket will net you a cool million bucks.

But wait, there's more.


Not only will you get to compete against people that work for WROK and other stations in our cluster, but you'll also be able to compete against our station mascot Max.

If you think you don't know much about basketball, you've got nothing on Max. Max doesn't even know what a basketball is.


This is a rare picture I caught of Max where he's NOT sleeping while with me at work. Sleeping is by far his favorite past time. After sleeping he really likes begging people for treats and barking at the mailman.

We had Max make his picks by choosing between two treats on a plate. Max may very well be right handed because he definitely showed a preference to treats on the right hand side of the plate.

We only had Max pick one of the regions on the bracket because giving him 60 treats in one day for a blog post wasn't the most responsible dog owner thing to do.

The rest of Max's picks were done by flipping a coin and honestly were just as outlandish. Some highlights from Max's bracket:

  • UAB (12 seed) winning it all. That's the University of Alabama at Birmingham if you weren't aware.
  • 6 of his 8 Elite Eight teams are double digit seeds or higher.
  • Only one 1-seed made it past the first weekend.
  • A final four consisting of a 10-seed (Davidson), 12-seed (UAB), 5-seed (St. Mary's), and a 3-seed (Wisconsin)

So log in. Make your picks. Try to beat Max (shouldn't be hard). And possibly walk away with a year's worth of car washes and maybe even a million dollars. Not bad for roughly one minute of your time.

Good luck! May your brackets not be a dumpster fire by next Monday.

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