Back to school means a ton of cute photos popping up on social media and we found one of the cutest right here in Illinois. 

I always love seeing cute photos on Facebook and Instagram but this time of the year the photos are extra cute.

From kids with fresh 'back to school' hairstyles, to pics of moms who are celebrating their kids headed toward the bus stop to 'then and now' photos that parents show us to see how much those kids have grown in the past few years, I love them all - keep them coming!

But I especially love two things.

One, seeing friends I grew up with share their cute photos of their kids and two, when parents who are taking these photos go the extra mile in cuteness.

That's what I'm getting this week as the Chicago suburbs are going back to school and a ton of my Facebook and Instagram friends are sharing those photos online.

These pictures of one of my best friends' from elementary school's son starting pre-K with the entire Toy Story team is too cute for words.


You know she needs to keep this going every year, right? I hope we get to watch Gavin grow along with the Toy Story gang all the way to his Senior year of high school.

AH! So cute.

What are you planning for your back to school photos?

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