Keith Szablewski, of Johnston City, shot and killed the deer in November during the first weekend of the shotgun season, and experts are calling it a potential world record.

According to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR), Szablewski's deer may be one of "the largest bucks ever shot in America," and may even be a world record.

From Fox News:

State conservation officials have since told the man that the buck, which weighed roughly 265 pounds, “could have as many as 51 scorable points," WSIL-3 reported. That’s four more points than a world-recording breaking 47-point buck, which was shot in 2016 by a hunter in Tennessee. Szablewski reportedly plans to take the buck’s antlers to the Illinois Deer and Turkey Expo in July. There, a panel of judges will again score the animal and officially determine if it broke the record.

Take a look:

IDOT, Facebook
IDNR, Facebook

As you might imagine, the comments section for this story on Facebook had some very differing opinions on the hunter, the deer, and hunting in general. Seemed pretty clear to me that some of the people commenting on this are just really never going to agree.

How unusual for a Facebook comments section, right?

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