You're not going to believe this unusual world record involving cats that this couple in Wisconsin is aiming to break.

Wisconsin Couple Has An Unusual Hobby 

I would say it's safe to assume that most people have some sort of hobby. The majority of the time it's collecting special items or participating in an enjoyable activity. Personally, I'm all about music. I collect vinyl, CDs, DVDs, shirts, and anything else relate to Rock. I also really like going to see live music.

Wisconsin Couple Has Unusual Hobby Involving Cats

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Shawn Redner and Hilary Siegel-Redner have curated the ultimate cat figurine collection. They have collected more than 13,000 cat figurines and pieces of art.

Meet This Cat Loving Couple In Wisconsin

The Redners live in Menomonee Falls. They collect cat figurines. Their collection features feline statues of all shapes, styles, and sizes. Most of their items have been purchased at second-hand stores or have been donated to them. The name of their little home museum is Redner's Rescues Cat Figurine Mewseum.

Since 2020 their collection has grown by the thousands from 4,000 to 7,000. They even had to remodel their basement to make room for more displays. They still have many in storage.

The Cat Figurine Museum Is Open To The Public

They love sharing their collection with others so it's available to the public. The place is open on the third Sunday of every month from 11 am to 5 pm. You can also make arrangements for tours on other days. All proceeds are donated to local cat shelters.

It's A Home For Real Cats Too

The museum is also home to eight real cats. The owners built an outside structure for the animals to enjoy. Those pets are definitely living their best life.

Everyone Needs A Goal

Just like hobbies, most people have goals for their lives. This couple would like to eventually open their very own cat cafe. They would also like to break the world record for most cat figurines. At this point, they are a long way away. The current milestone is 21,321 by a woman in Guatemala.

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