Don't worry, kids aren't going to be ripping bongs in biology anytime soon. - Lawmakers are pushing a plan to support the initiative, which would allow parents or guardians to give infused medical marijuana products to theit children with sever medical conditions, on public or private school grounds.

Now before you get your kid their medical card or write an angry letter to Springfield, depending on where you stand on this, understand that this bill has only gone through the house and still needs to go through the regular School House Rock (RIP Bob Dorough) procedure to become a law.

You may be asking yourself, why would any kid need weed to make it through the day. Good question. I had that myself. I did a little googling and found some answers. Now the website I found was called, so you may want to find a huge chunk of salt to take this with.

According to the article, medical marijuana can help kids with epilepsy, pediatric cancers, autism, and other motor disorders.

In addition to (obviously) needing a doctor's note, the THC must come in non-smoking products such as food, oils, and ointments.

The idea behind the bill is that some parents are going to give this to their kids anyway and now have to take their child out of class to medicate them. This bill will allow this to happen right on campus.

This honestly seems like much ado about nothing. I mean honestly, how many doctors are going to prescribe this in the first place. It seems like only those with legitimate conditions would be able to do this.

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