Hemp laws in America are dumb. Hemp itself isn't illegal but the making of it in the states is because you actually have to grow it. Hemp is made from marijuana which makes hemp farming the tricky part.

Hemp is made from the non-psychoactive part of the marijuana plant. So the part of the plant that doesn't get you high, but you can't have one part without the other. That's why it's illegal.

The uses for hemp are endless but one use that really stuck out to me was the ability to replace plastics. Human consumption leaves a lot of waste. When you can build trash islands because there is so much plastic on the planet you know you have a problem.

Hemp is biodegradable. So instead of a plastic product sitting on the side of the road for all eternity, a hemp product can slowly remove itself from the situation. Just stop and think about that for a moment. Let it sink in.

Illinois could be in a great position to do some things because we are one step closer to legalized hemp farming.

According to WANDtv.com, "Hemp farming is one step closer to being a reality in Illinois. The Illinois House passed a bill legalizing the practice Wednesday 106-3."

Leafly.com says, "Hemp is an attractive rotation crop for farmers. As it grows, hemp breathes in CO2, detoxifies the soil, and prevents soil erosion. What’s left after harvest breaks down into the soil, providing valuable nutrients."

I can't tell you how happy I am that Illinois is doing something smart for a change. This could change the game. BIG TIME!

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