Yesterday in this space, I posted "Things Illinois Residents Have to Explain to Visitors." Some of the things on the list include:

  • Illinoisans Are The Only Ones Who Know What Real Cold Weather Is
  • You’re Required To Choose Between The Cubs Or Sox
  • The Only Exception Is In Southern Illinois
  • But Everyone Can Agree To Love The Bears
  • Someone On LSD Is Not On Drugs (get it? Lake Shore Drive?)
  • Illinoisans Actually Know What Casimir Pulaski Day Is
  • There Are Only Two Seasons… Winter And Construction

A tip of the hat to listener Mike, who, after reading yesterday's post, sent me a note asking what I knew about the World's Fastest Mobile Wedding Chapel. That was a really easy question to answer. Nothing. Zip. Zero. Nada. I had never heard of any mobile wedding chapels, let alone the world's fastest.

I know a lot more now than I did yesterday, thanks to Mike. I've learned quite a bit about Darrell Best, his wife Linda, and their two sons. They run Best Wedding Chapel Services in Shelbyville, Illinois.

From their website:

Darrell Best was an over-worked and under appreciated banker and his wife Lisa, a much appreciated home daycare provider.

They took a leap of faith by purchasing a 1942 American LaFrance firetruck to start a business to be called Red Hot Weddings.

At the time of purchase, the owner of the fire truck told Darrell about a historic church that was for sale in Shelbyville IL.

Two days later, the couple purchased the church, left their jobs and moved their family 200 miles away to start the Best Wedding Chapel.

They offer a variety of services, including "Traveling Wedding Ministers & Officiants," "The Historic Wedding Chapel," built in 1870, located behind the Shelby County courthouse, and of course, their mobile chapel, which has been recognized as the World's Fastest Wedding Chapel by the Guinness Book of World Records:

They seem like really cool people who have a great time doing what they do. You can take a look at some of their photos by clicking here.

Also, thanks again to listener Mike, for the heads-up on this one.

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