For keeping pot illegal, the Governor of Illinois thanks Wisconsin.

Still In Shock

I was having lunch with one of my friends a couple of days ago and he was complaining about how bad it is to live in the state of Illinois. He went through a long list of problems.

After going on and on with negative comments about the Land of Lincoln, to my surprise, he ended on a positive note.

He mentioned that the Governor of Illinois actually did one thing right. That was to legalize recreational marijuana. On a side note, he added that it was also done very quickly, unlike most things for our state.

So, we have that going for us which is nice.

Visitors Buying Weed

According to,

"Illinois is counting some serious cash as hundreds of out-of-state customers cross state lines to buy their cannabis."

How much?

"In April, about $35-million in Illinois sales was from out-of-state residents."

Maybe We Should Send Them Flowers

"While the data does not show how many of those sales were from residents of Wisconsin, last month, Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers posted a video on social media saying that Governor JB Pritzker has thanked him because Wisconsinites are crossing the border to buy marijuana and that is something Evers says he is somewhat tired of talking about."

What Does The Wisconsin Governor Think

Good For Illinois

Illinois is like a bad sports team. We do not win very often, so when we do it is time to celebrate. Maybe the Chicago Bears will let Governor Pritzker join them in "Club Dub."

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