If plowing, shoveling, and scraping off your own property during a winter snowstorm is not enough for you, and you'd love nothing more than plow, shovel, and scrape your way through Northern Illinois this winter--get in touch with the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT). They're looking for help.

IDOT hires two types of temporary positions for its Winter Seasonal Program, which usually occurs from October 16th through April 15th of each year.

First, IDOT hires full-time, temporary highway maintainers – known as “Winter Salaried Highway Maintainers (Monthly Snowbirds).”

Winter Salaried Highway Maintainers perform all of same job duties as IDOT’s year-round highway maintainers, including performing a variety of tasks related to the maintenance, repair and upkeep of roads, bridges and other related structures and features. Winter Salaried Highway Maintainers must have a Class A or B CDL with an X or N endorsement.

Second, IDOT hires on-call, as-needed truck operators – known as “Snow Removal Operators (Hourly Snowbirds).”

Snow Removal Operators are paid hourly and respond to emergency weather situations to inspect roadways, operate snow plows/salt spreaders, and remove other hazardous materials/obstacles from the roadways. Snow Removal Operators must also have a Class A or B CDL with an X or N endorsement.

If that sounds like it would be right up your snow and ice covered alley (sorry if that sounds dirty), and you would like to apply for either of these positions, please look for the Winter Salaried Highway Maintainers (Monthly Snowbirds) and Snow Removal Operators (Hourly Snowbirds) job postings here and/or here.

As cool as it may look, they probably won't let you use a train:

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