You'll probably never use roughly 99% of the life hacks you see online. This one you'll probably start using immediately.

If you've lived here for at least a few winters, you probably think you know how to deal with getting your car ready to drive during the cold weather months. You know that you need to brush off the roof of your car. You don't want to be the one driving down the road with some snow luggage. You, satisfyingly, kick the chunks of ice out of your wheel wells to help save your tires. Maybe you're one of the advanced, preplanning types that remembers to put your windshield wipers up before a snow so they don't stick.

We all know these. What, apparently, none of us know is the proper way to use an ice scraper on your car windows.

No I'm not talking about clearing more than just a small window that you can see out of, I'm talking about knowing what those prongs are for on the other side of your scraper.

I have no idea what I thought they were for. I guess I thought that helped channel the ice over the blade as it came of the windshield. Which, if you think about it, is pretty stupid.

They actually have a much, much, much better purpose from an engineering standpoint.

You're supposed to use that side to help break up the ice before you clear it away with the other side.

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If you feel dumb watching that, don't fret, you're not alone. A simple straw poll of coworkers and friends showed that 0% of the people asked knew about this "hidden" feature of something we've all used countless times.

So there you have it, a life hack that actually is useful. Maybe 2022 won't be so bad after all.

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