I'm all for wearing a mask when you're out and about, but did our state really need to dump 5 million bucks into telling you to do it?

I guess I'll answer my own question.

No. No they didn't.

We're constantly being bombarded from every direction with information on the importance of mask-wearing during the pandemic. I don't think you can find a single human being that hasn't been made aware of the importance of doing so.

Every talking-head on TV and radio, every news publication, and thousands of public service announcements have been banging the "wear a face covering/mask" drum for months and months.

Given the amount of people that are hurting from the pandemic and its side effects, our state leaders couldn't have found a better place to spend 5 million dollars?

Again, I'll answer my own question. Yes, they could have, but no, they didn't.

As I said, I'm 100% behind wearing a mask or face covering during this COVID-19 mess, but if the unending entreaties to wear one are still not getting 100% compliance in Illinois, I really doubt that an advertising campaign is going to make it happen.

The campaign ads, featuring the tag-line "It Only Works If You Wear It" will be broadcast in multiple languages on cable and network television, streaming services, billboards and social media, among other platforms, according to a press release from Governor Pritzker's office.

Governor Pritzker:

Based on the trends of cases on the county level, we will focus media spending on the cities and counties that have the most work to do.


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