If you ask people to turn in guns for gift cards, perhaps you shouldn't be surprised by who shows up. Meaning, you're likely to attract more weapons from perfectly law-abiding citizens than from criminals.

Case in point: A 2nd Amendment group in Illinois says it will take advantage of a gun "buyback"  effort by Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. According to the Chicago Sun-Times:

Champaign-based Guns Save Life executive director John Boch says he and his group "will be delighted to transact business once more with do-gooders in Chicago."

Guns Save Life used Chicago's 2012 gun buyback to embarrass city officials. That year, members said they turned in rusty and inoperable guns. The $100 MasterCard gift cards for each gun were used to buy ammunition for a National Rifle Association youth camp in Bloomington and bolt-action rifles for campers.

This time the city is prepared to hand out $250,000 in gift cards to to try to get illegal guns off the city's streets. It is a no-questions-asked policy, which goes for the Guns Save Life supporters as well:

Anthony Guglielmi, spokesman for the Chicago Police Department, said officers will check to see whether turned-in guns are operable but won’t check the IDs of the people who bring them in.

“If people want to game the system, society is the victim,” he said. “I think those people need to ask themselves, are they part of the solution to reduce violence?”

An official with the organization is vowing to return to Chicago with about 60 guns to turn in.



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