A classy tribute to the last great Illinois basketball team. 

The 2004-05 Illinois basketball team came just short of winning a national title. They're usually right at the top of the list when people talk about the best college basketball team to not win a title. They went 37-2. The two losses were against Ohio State in the last game of the regular season:

One of the most crushing losses I've experienced as a fan.

The other was against North Carolina in the National Championship game when the refs allowed Sean May to do whatever he wanted:

The also provided one of the most exciting games in NCAA Tournament history.

One of the best experiences as a fan. It was a wild season.

They also provided one of the most memorable photos in Illini history. The triple threat of Luther Head, Dee Brown, and Deron Williams in this classic pose.

Twitter @craigwchoate
Twitter @craigwchoate

Side by side:

As an Illini fan, I appreciate the fact that these guys would honor the players before them like this. This team hasn't been quite as dominant as the '05 team was but they still have a chance to do what they didn't. Cut down the nets in March.

There are only 2 regular-season games left in the season. And both of them are monster matchups. It starts tonight with a matchup against the #2 team in the country, Michigan, and wraps up on Saturday against #7 Ohio State.

The 2021 Illini find them ranked #4 in the country. The highest the program has been ranked since the days of Head, Brown, and Williams.

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