Obviously, this kid never watched the movie. And if you want proof that it happened, there's police dispatch audio.

Down in Sandwich, Illinois, there's a young person that learned a lesson the hard way, do not stick your tongue to a frozen pole. Even if you are "triple dog dared", it's never a good idea.

Still, it happened this week at a popular sledding hill.

According to WSPY in Sandwich,

Sandwich Fire District officials tell WSPY that emergency responders were called Tuesday night after a juvenile got his tongue stuck to a metal pole near a Sandwich sledding hill.

Here's the dispatch audio.

The juvenile ended up being fine but there was no evidence of the kid being single, double, or the coup de grace of all dares, the sinister triple-dog-dare.

According to fire officials, it was not clear why the juvenile stuck his tongue to the pole. The juvenile was able to remove himself prior to EMS arrival. He was not transported.

[H/T WSPY News]

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