Apple released an update for iOS 10.2.1 on Monday, and if you've been waiting to download, don't wait too long.

Softpedia says there are numerous fixes that are coming down with the update, notably:

  • a fix to "an issue with the Auto Unlock feature that could unlock your iPhone even when Apple Watch is not on your wrist."
  • an improved "Contacts app, which should no longer crash when processing a maliciously crafted contact card."
  • and "addresses a Wi-Fi security hole that could allow an attacker to briefly access the home screen by manipulating the user input on an activation-locked device."

If those three reasons, especially with the Wi-Fi security hole that no one from Apple told us about are getting a fix, don't waste any time.

I've always thought the security on Apple products was better than their competitors. With this recent update to fill many of their security holes, I don't feel that great.

What about you? Do you buy Apple products or do you go Android or something different altogether?

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