The Packers play the 49ers this Sunday under a unique set of circumstances. 

The sample size on this trend is pretty small so I wouldn't bet the house on anything because of Sunday's game but...

According to brobible, where all the really connected people get their news, when the 9-1 49ers host the 8-2 Packers it will only be the fifth time in the last dozen years that two teams with 2 or fewer losses have met this late in the season.

The last two times this happened were in 2015 and 2013 when the Broncos beat the Patriots and the Seahawks beat the Saints respectively. The Broncos and Seahawks both went on to win the Superbowl.

If all this makes you believe in destiny then you probably also believe that things happen in threes. It happened two times in a row, so a third time must be right around the corner.

I've believed in dumber things in my life so I won't criticize any cheeseheads who might get overly excited after a win on Sunday.

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