The TL;DR for this blog would be "The Nerve!"

The Cubs season officially died last night. It was on life support all week and the plug was finally pulled last night when the Brewers beat the Reds to mathematically eliminate the Cubs from the postseason.

That's when the Pirates put that up on the scoreboard. Did they think that anyone that cared didn't know already? This was unnecessary on all levels.

This Pirates team.


Has the gall to call out one of the most successful runs of the last 5 years for not making the playoffs?

The last time you guys made the playoffs was 2 phones ago for me when I took a grainy picture of this fan:

Odds that dude is in jail by now is roughly the same as running into anyone that hates your manager. Speaking of which...

Clint Hurdle sucks. That's not just me saying this. Joe Maddon tried to fight him.

The entire Reds organization tried to fight him.

He has no control over his players and encourages scumbag behavior.

Fortunately, he's getting to the end of his contract so you can be rid of him soon.


I wouldn't be surprised if there was an actual dumpster on fire somewhere in the Pirates clubhouse.

So until you guys clean up your own mess, you might want to put down the boulder in this particular glasshouse.

Fire this franchise into the sun.

P.S. Being famous for putting french fries on a sandwich is dumb.

P.P.S. Am I projecting just a little? You bet your bippy.

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