In a strange way, it makes sense. In a world of carpool lanes and bike lanes, why not a skate lane, or "freezeway?"

From the BBC:

Unlike other cities in the US and Canada that have banned activities such as tobogganing because of insurance costs, Edmonton has no such laws.


Now the city is considering flooding an 11km route for residents to commute through the city on skates.


It's called the Freezeway. Organisers are planning a pilot project for as early as next winter.


The premise first came about years ago, as an offhand comment from a civic leader with an environmental bent.


"Why don't we just crack the fire hydrants open, flood the streets and let people skate to work in the winter?" teased city councillor Tooker Gomberg, in the 1990s.


Councillor Scott McKeen likes the idea:

"Edmonton has not exploited to any great extent one of its greatest natural resources - winter," said Mr McKeen. "Like other North American cities in colder climates, we've tried to engineer our way out of it. … Even most of our hockey facilities are now indoors and heated."


However, not everyone agrees...

One of the more outspoken critics, Councillor Mike Nickel called the Freezeway "the stupidest idea I've heard".