There is good news for cookie lovers across the country: Hydrox is coming back.

USA Today reports the Oreo-like chocolate sandwich cookies could reappear on store shelves as early as September. What's the difference between Oreo and Hydrox?

"The cosmic difference between Hydrox and Oreo is that Hydrox is a little more crispy; a little less sugary and stands up better in milk," says Kassoff, who will make the official announcement later this month at the Sweets & Snacks Expo in Chicago on May 20."

I remember Hydrox on the shelves and in our cabinet growing up but can't honestly tell you that I recall them tasting any better or worse than Oreos. They've been off the market for the better part of ten years. Some experts say it'll be an uphill climb to success:

But success won't come simply. At least one brand guru says Hydrox has lots of work to do. "Oreo conveys round and is fun to say and hear. Hydrox sounds scientific and medicinal ... not appetizing at all," says Steven Addis, CEO of Addis. "Oreo has become part of the fabric of America. Like Coke. This makes it somewhat unassailable, even from a superior product."

I had the chance this morning to talk with our friends at Eyewitness news about the return of Hydrox and a few other topics:


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