What an amazing way to start the new year on the show! I'd been looking forward to having author/radio host/lawyer/law professor Hugh Hewitt on "Riley & Scot" to talk about his new book, "The Happiest Life".  Following his tweets, and the tweets of frequent contributors on our show, I noticed we fished from the same pond of radio guests.  And I figured there had to be a reason Guy Benson, Noah Rothman, Mark Steyn, and many others kept returning to our respective programs.

I was right.  And what resulted is one of my favorite interviews we've ever conducted on the show.  I think the answer to why we're drawn to the same guests is that at the core we both try to run similar programs, filled with energy, enthusiasm, good humor, & encouragement.  Those also just happen to be some of the major points hit on in the new book.

Hugh Hewitt on the Happiest Life

Riley asked about a quote from Rabbi Harold Kushner in "The Happiest Life" regarding empathy, which was given in the wake of the death of the Rabbi's 14-year-old son.  Hugh said:

I was talking to him about...what did he learn and he learned the best thing for anyone to do is to show up and shut up.  Don't offer advice, don't try to tell people you know how they're feeling 'cause you don't...don't add to their burden.  Just do the laundry, cook the meals, clean the house, and sit there.

From there we careened to the topics of radio guests, NFL and college football head coaches, why surveys say liberal men are the unhappiest people, and more.  Here's the full interview:

I wish we had another half-hour to spend with him.  On the bright side, we have Hugh on tape saying he's willing to come back on the show.  We'll hold him to that promise soon.

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