I feel like getting called snobby is a very high class insult. It's kind of like a backhanded compliment, like sure you might be kind of classy, but you're annoying about it. That's what I think of when I think "snobby".

A new study ranked each state based on how snobby they are. How do you even determine something like this? Well, the data that was calculated and analyzed is pretty hysterical. According to Zippia, this his how they determined their findings -

  • Percent of population with a bachelor’s degree
  • Percent of degree earners with a degree in arts and humanities
  • Number of Ivy League colleges
  • Gallons of wine consumed yearly

I mean hey, does it get any more snobby than ivy league and wine?

So where does Illinois rank compared to other states? Well, we didn't make the top ten, but we got pretty dang close.

Illinois ranked on the list at #14. So what we're our ivy league and wine facts? According to Zippia -

  • Adults With College Diploma - 32
  • Degree Holders W/ Arts Or Humanities Degree - 23%
  • Wine Bottles Per Person - 14

I'd just like to point out something on the list that stood out to me. Idaho had THIRTY SEVEN wine bottles per person. Are y'all good over there in Idaho? That was the highest wine number on the list, so what was the lowest? West Virginia ranked last with only THREE bottles of wine.

I'd say we're average in the middle with our 14 bottles in Illinois.

You can check out the full study here.


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